Anita's artist talk: Sunday at 3pm
Gallery talk with Adelina Vlas, August 30, 3 pm
Gallery hours Wednesday - Sunday 12-6pm

Vox Populi Gallery
319 N 11th. 3rd Floor.
Philadelphia, PA 19107.

what's due for week 2:

Reading & Writing Assignment:
A brief artist statement (minumum 2 paragraphs//max 1 page) should be published on the class blog.

Over the next week:

1. Create your blog !!! (
2. Also POST your artist statement on your blogsite
3. Reading Assignment:
ONLINE: Plato, The Allegory of the Cave; Write-ups due Sept 3. (THE CAVE IS LINKED TO and listed under readings
Post short reply on blog >>

We will be discussing the tools you'll need on Thursday - but you can wait until week 3 to purchase!

class calendar information

Our calendar is online!
go to gmail:

password: ilove498

Art Theory and Practice, 498

Plan to bring in 1 of your strongest works to the first class, Thursday August 27th in studio 371.
I will have a laptop and projector available to view works, if needed. REFER to this blog for announcements throughout the semester. Also, your writing responses will be posted here

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