Museum Response #2 - Kevin Keane

I visited Grounds For Sculpture which features a collection of sculptures. One of the pieces that I found interesting was by John Seward Johnson. This piece was titled First ride and it was of a man helping a child ride a bike. The sculpture looks as though it is real people eerily lacking motion. There is an uncanny effect from this piece because of the human imagery. When I looked at the people lifelessly still, I felt as though they weren’t just sculptures, but people frozen in time. First ride reminded me of the piece that I had done with string that was intended to mimic the qualities of a photograph but in a space rather than on paper. It was like I was looking at an event that had actually happened and not just the sculpture of a relatable image. Overall Grounds For Sculpture was an interesting place and it was much different than an ordinary museum exhibit making it appropriate for the sculptures that were part of the gallery.

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