Dan McCafferty - The Print Center

I am very interested in prints, copy's and repetition in art. I went to The Print Center in Philadelphia during the Philagrafika event. In the exhibit there were many black and white prints mostly out of wood cut. I was interested in the size of the prints and curious on how they made them on such a large scale. I have worked with printmaking before and it is very tedious and detailed with different procedures. There were a few artists that I enjoyed the most at the exhibit: Sue Coe "Helping Hands" (woodcut), Eric Avery "Paradise Lost" 2010 (woodcut), and Art Aazelwood "Which Side Are You On?" 2009 (woodcut). Art Aazelwood's print were two identical prints flipped vertically next to each other. What I find most interesting out of all of the prints that were show is how recent the ideas and imagery was but how old school the technique was. Prints such as the one called "Helping Hands" about Haiti and a few others dealing with recent events. It is fascinating how these artists still use this out dated technique, but I do understand because it creates such a beautiful piece of art.

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