PHil Grasso Exhibition

The Tim Burton exhibition at MoMA is amazing, the man is a genius in my opinion. His artwork was always strange to me, which is why I associated him with the movie business, never really an artist. There are seemingly infinite drawings and models in a place that is entirely transformed so the viewer has this journey through his mind and imagination. I was spending a lot of time thinking about this as i walked around. It became the thing that I remember the most, feeling as if you were in another place, or time.
The entrance really sets the mood for me, a tunnel with this creepy looking head who becomes the doorway; the opening being his mouth. These teeth protrude down from the top of the door frame becoming semi invasive, given the already preconceived idea of what teeth or a mouth does. As you pass through you see that there is a consistency to almost everything, which is understandable given the nature of the artist, however the things I was viewing were extremely playful and inviting in a sick way. Like images of these set displays of a weird looking being which is all bloody, in a bloody room, standing next to a christmas tree. Its so strange to me, but they make for such comical, fun atmospheres.
The amount of sketching he does is unbelievable. I rather enjoy to always have a sketchbook around to make quick drawings of ideas, and my style, I feel, wants to be reminiscent of his. It almost brings this sense of jealousy or longing, or even anxiety. In other words, having to view the works of an artist such as Tim Burton, especially when you are so attracted to the drawing style, it is hard not too feel something that makes you wish it was yours.

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