Keith Croshaw - Simulacra and Simulation

Simulacra and Simulation

The article Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard continues to explore how the idea of the image has as of late really been disembodied. As similar with other articles I’ve read it goes into depth to define what an image is and what it really means. Even if we are told that we are looking at an original work of art, how do know it is an original image? And does it matter? In essence an image that can be described as simulacra would be an image that lacks the original aura, usually by means of representation.

I can relate this to my life how much of my generation likes to view life through a computer, when in reality there is nothing like experiencing things in real life. Documentation of an artist’s work usually does the piece no justice without being able to see the piece and interact with it exactly as the artist intended.

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