Andrea Zittel- Written Interview-----DQ

“I believe that the ‘lonesome island’ represents both our greatest fears and our greatest fantasies and because of the complexity and contradictions of our desires I feel compelled to create a work that explores and addresses these desires.” (Andrea Zittel) This is a great quote because I can relate with the need to address complex fears and fantasies. She brings a unique mode of expressing these concepts mostly through architecture and furniture. The idea behind Free Running Rhythms and Patterns is something I have thought of before in the sense that what if we closed our senses off from the real depiction of time, which is light and sound? To exist in darkness for a period of time, with no noises or distractions would completely change your perception of time and enhance your senses for a short time. It’s because of everyday life that our senses become dull. Too much background noise is being introduced literally ever second. And complete darkness is hard to find. Again, to create a body of work, like most of Zittels’, that fits into the art world is a compelling and inspiring approach to me. Because the aim at this point may not be to create individual works or grandiose paintings or drawings but to bring awareness somewhere where we have been departing from. Our life becomes one big stimulus plan. It becomes harder and harder to get true silent rest and quiet time in the day. To be surrounded by people who want these similar things is just as hard if not harder to find.

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