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Phil Grasso
Theory Practice
The artists represented in these particular readings all coincide with a conceptual outlook on art, in a sense that inspires critical thought as well as an innate aesthetic beauty. Do Ho Suh is an artist who’s work I have had an interest before. He creates large-scale sculptures using glass as a staple in most. I find his pieces quite interactive in the sense that the different colors, which are reflected by natural night, constantly change the viewers perception. Mostly inspired by his Korean heritage his concepts are well versed and explored pushing the boundaries of art much like the Dadaist of the 20th century.
Andrea Zittel who’s focus coincides with personal space and the recreation of natural beauty using the mundane as a starting point and transforming the thought processes by isolating them from their original environment. The intimacy puts the viewer in a place that is quite comforting and familiar. This attribute is very important because it engages the viewer by making them feel apart of the work, making them interact and most importantly think about how these particular instances reflect their own lifestyle and hopefully gives a new appreciation for the usual everyday items in our life.
These two I found to be the most interesting of the ones discussed. I have researched them prior to this reading and found a natural attraction to their work. The surreal quality established in the making of each is present along with the meticulous and very attentive detail that entices the viewer in the first place,

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