Layla Ali Video ----DQ

Ali seems, to me, to work in art in a way I am not willing to do. She is too methodical, systematic and precise. This seems to reflect her personalities. Since she acts on impulse, it strikes a chord in my brain that she seems bored (she also sounds bored) and she even states that she wished art was a secret world or some form of escape. I would ask her why does she not allow her self to then do what she wants, why not try to escape with art? She seems to make too many rules for her life and process. She will not cross contaminate a brush. She plots her ideas months before she get to the actual work. She seems to make art that reflects the real world of what we all grew up with and what we know of it.
One thing she does do that I like is she takes files and hangs them on the wall. She puts cut outs from newspapers into categories, which seems to cultivate new ideas or projects. I wish, for her sake, that she tried a new approach to art because she is boring me with the images and her tonal expression of her own art. But, what do I know. This is just my opinion.

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