museum visit #2 - eric

Eric Zimmermann

Museum Visitation #2

Grounds for Sculpture

While at the Grounds for Sculpture I found many different pieces that intrigued me but none so much as Justin Shull’s piece “Terrestrial Shrub Rover”. The piece itself is fully functioning but while on display is always at rest and has its door open. The door of the “Shrub” being open allows those viewing it to see inside, and see that actually mechanics that are going on while whomever is driving it is inside. The piece was created as a reflection of the spirit of exploration partly in relation to the upcoming expeditions to the moon in 2020. The Rover is solar powered and is equipped with cameras on its exterior hidden in the foliage allowing the driver to see his surroundings. Overall I think the piece is quite successful, although I had to go on the Internet to find videos of it in actually use. I feel that perhaps a video looping through showing this video would possibly make the piece more successful to a viewer who can not on their own envision this process.

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