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Keith Croshaw

Timothy Faust

I visited a gallery called Altitude while visiting Breckenridge Colorado. There were plenty of galleries filled with artwork that you would expect to find in a resort town, and even this one had a little bit. They were full of breathtaking landscapes and highly polished photos and paintings that you really didn’t even know if they were truly taken in the local area, but the works featured in the Altitude Gallery defiantly had something about them which didn’t seem phony. The one artist who seemed to stand out the most was Timothy Faust. His works all carried a certain weight and gravity to them that really set them apart from the rest.

Upon further research I found that Timothy Faust was indeed the owner of the Altitude Gallery, which seemed to make sense. His works were well displayed throughout the rustic building which was apparently the local laundry shop back in the mining days. Many of his works carry that feeling that you get when you think of gold rushes, from the beautiful majestic mountains to the dark smoky mills of the times. I think the piece that most caught my attention was the way that he captured the Tourchlight Parade, which is a Breckenridge tradition every New Years Eve where skiers and snowboarders take turns carrying a torch down from the highest peak of the mountain down to the village and back up around and through the town.

Altitude Gallery

Timothy Faust, "Torchlight Parade"

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