Nick Biewer - Gallery Visit

I visited The Print Center located in Philadelphia, PA to view recent art collections. It was a small venue that has held contemporary images in print since 1915. At this time The Print Center is a part of Philagrafika 2010, which is an international festival that celebrates printings role in contemporary art. Philagrafika 2010 showcases the work of over 300 artists spread across 88 Philadelphia art institutions. The exhibit displays a wide selection of different styles of prints.
One work that grabbed my attention was the piece entitled Helping Hands by Sue Coe, and artist from the UK. The image was printed in black ink from a woodcut engraving. The image showed a sitting woman holding another with many more bodies behind them. The characters looked shocked and in pain. On the top of the print there are many hand reaching down toward the characters. On the bottom the print in inscribed “Haiti Jan 12th 4:53pm 2010”. It is clear the work is an response to the tragedy in Haiti due to the earthquake. The symbolism an the actual hands reaching down to these people in need shows reflect the work that the world should be doing to help the people affected. This piece, as well as the rest of work shown at the Print Center, was very well crafted and thought out.

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