Walter Benjamin Reading - DQ

After reading the article “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”, Walter Benjamin, (1892-1940), I have become a bit more aware of how art progressed or digressed in the early nineteen hundreds. Walter Benjamin questions how the reproduction of artwork will impact the public. He states, “Will the reproduction of art change the original intent of the artist if the masses, (some uneducated), view it?”
Benjamin uses, “aura” to clarify art that is unique. In general he is referring to the history of the artist as being linked with the aura. Of course photography is the main issue discussed because the debate stands that there is nothing inherently original in Photography. Photography is based on reproduction, as well as film. I disagree with Benjamin’s’ view about the uneducated because the uneducated can become educated through art even if it is a reproduction or none traditional.
I completely agree on the bit about the film director who shows only what he sees or what he wants us to see. Also, that each frame goes by so quick that we are not really observing the story or information to the fullest. There is no doubt that any form of ritual is getting lost with the quick pace of reproduction and technologies.

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