Communist Manifesto 3 & 4 - Amy Lu

Several thoughts ran through my head as I was reading these chapters. The first and most prominent one was, “what?” And then the second one was, “I’m glad that I don’t have to completely understand what I’m reading and then talk about it or be tested on it.” Despite reading about Marx and communism for 3 straight weeks, I find myself not interested in it beyond knowing a general concept. Feudal, petty-bourgeois, “True”, conservative, critical-utopian socialism? Now that’s just an excessive amount of reading. Chapters 3 was a painful to read while chapter 4 was a dream. Overall I am surprised by how much Communism had spread by the time the manifesto was printed. And, in expanding my knowledge about different philosophies out in the world, knowing something about Marxist theories, communism, capitalism and socialism give me a lot of things to think. From how it influences art to history and our world today, Marxist theories are surprisingly well embedded into various aspects of my life.

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