Communist Manifesto: Dan McCafferty

The communist manifesto touched upon more modern issues in society and discussed ways of fixing them. There were several ideas that were very precise but the main goal was to get communities to work together as a whole rather than individual units living with each other. Today this is nearly impossible due to the population and modern way of living. This issue was one not really mentioned in Marx but I also feel that it was irrelevant to his issues. They also talk about the way that some cultures and beliefs are being taken away or vanishing. I do believe this in modern society, I feel like a new culture in general is coming to be. Almost like everything that we used to know is merging into one. I feel like the art side of this reading was to realize that we should stay rebellious with our actions but at the same time we need to keep it organized. In tie with the idea of coming together as “one” in a society, the idea of abolishing private property seemed a little strange to me. I get the idea because it materialized certain things but I believe it was a step too far. I enjoyed the reading but some of the reasoning and ideas behind the concept seemed a little drastic.

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