Communist Manifesto ch. 3&4 - Eric Zimmermann

While continuing this reading I was interested to see how it would progress, but it seemed to become jumbled to me in the way that it was written, and I found myself getting confused. I did however pick up on what I feel were the most important aspects of the reading: the historical social movements, and the idea that communism is the way to a better world, (this is of course debatable). The only problem with this in my opinion is that what is being sold seems to be very one sided and as with many other proposals throughout history, never really touches on the negatives of what is being proposed or discussed which in this case is communism. Aimed at the working man the idea of communism may seem great, but the inherent issues that will arise are never addressed. The ONE thing that will always be the downfall to communism and its ideas is individualism and one's own thoughts and ideas. No one person will ever want exactly the same thing as the next, our differences from one another will always be to the detriment to the idea of communism. For that reason alone it will never work, it is a flawed idea in my opinion.

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