Crystal Kan- Gallery Exhibit 2

For the second exhibit, I decided to visit Grounds for Sculpture for the first time, with Allison. We went on a day where it was forecasted to rain, but it did not, so we essentially had the whole sculpture park to ourselves. In our exploration of the park, I found Brower Hatcher's work, which were three large steel and iron wires and glass sculptures enclosed in a small area. Each piece was named after the general shape that each of these sculptures imitated, “Wave”, “Tower” and “Fan”, each made in 1999. I can only presume this is a series of work that was an exploration of the materials and making large geometric shapes out of smaller geometric shapes and wires. I personally thought it was beautiful, even in the grey skies, because of how the colored glass worked together within the wired structure. But in placing this piece outdoors, I can only imagine that this series of sculptures would only be at their fullest potential on a bright and sunny day.

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