Kevin Keane, Response Warhol, Samaras, Barthes

The interviews were intriguing to read. The way in which the artist spoke gave me a sense of emptiness. Their lack of feeling gives off so much emotion in their words. The Lucas Samaras piece, in which he interviews himself, gives the reader a window into his peculiar mind. He asks himself “How old are you?” He then responds with “Nine hundred and seventy-one… I am as old as the things I know.” This is a very interesting statement. He then says that he panics when he thinks about it. There is a clear sense of two separate personalities in this interview. He is able to really make us feel as though he is having a conversation with another individual, not himself.
Andy Warhol has a similarly strange personality. What I found interesting and beneficial in understanding his work was when he talked about how he likes boring things, and why they are interesting. What the average people find interesting, in his mind is so repetitive, they lack the change in details that he find interesting when you look deeply into the same exact thing. His work demonstrates his fondness of what would generally be considered boring. As a visual artist, Warhol finds the more interesting parts of life are the details that are easy to miss, or find boring.
The work Kozyndan reminds me of Warhol’s aesthetic. They focus on simplicity without the loss of the detail involved. They do album art, among other things, in this fashion. Their work captures the essence of life in a very uncomplicated way.

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