Phil Grasso-Manifesto

This reading focused on the different levels of class and how they have changed over time. Moving from a communal guild oriented society to one that is controlled by the bourgeoisie, or upper-middle class manufacturer. these owners rely heavily on the labor of its workers, the lower-middle class proletariat. What Marx is suggesting is that the abolition of such sects, would increase communal wealth for everyone. Everyone has the opportunity to succeed together and not at the expense of someone else. As the bourgeoisie grow and grow the peasants, artisans, shopkeepers and other small manufacturers become weaker and weaker, thus expanding the gap in class. How far can the oppressed be beaten and battered before they get their fair share of the "pie". Revolution is next in line for those feeling that they are treated unfairly. By eliminating the upper sects and restoring community involvement, the scale will even out.

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