Crystal Kan- Communist Manifesto (Ch. 3& 4)

Chapter three was about several different types of socialism and discussed the pros and cons of each system with historical and social contexts. It is hard to understand at a glance, but once you read through each densely packed paragraph, he does a good job explaining how each type of socialism rose and fell.

Chapter four finally explains what everyone was waiting for, the purpose behind Communism. I feel that the idea of being revolutionary and supporting those who are against the current social and political system is ludicrous. It basically means that the principles behind Communism are encouraging anarchy in every nation, no matter what the social strife may be about. However, from an academic standpoint, it is amazing because it tells people to constantly question the status quo and encourages people to change what is wrong for humanity. I think that this mindset is important for art, as we are always constantly questioning society and ourselves and using our own individual ways to solve these problems.


Off topic, I apologize that I still have not completed a reaction for Marx for Beginners. The book came in late and I had a double header for thesis this week (glass case and discussant in the same week! oh my!) I will have the reaction up as soon as possible.

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