Crystal Kan- Art 21 + Readings

I liked Lucas Samaras's and Andy Warhol's statements about their art. It seemed like they had a solid concept on their artistic vision and the world around them. I liked the quotes from Warhol just because it allowed me to see American consumerism in a new light. Warhol explains that boring things can be interesting, which is what I like about the simple things in life. As for Samaras, he basically lays out why he is an artist and why he makes art. It's empowering to the artist to know these things because it shows that Samaras has a clear understanding of himself.

Out of all the Art 21 videos, I think I enjoyed Cao Fei's works the most. She had a lot of interesting social commentary and take on the concept of fantasy. Perhaps the reason why I responded to her work so well was because it was within a culture I was already well versed in. But I related more to Kerry James Marshall's reasons for doing art. It reminded me of the reasons why I chose this path in high school and is the main reason why I really wanted to pursue animation. I'd like to be able to make people feel excited about animation the same way previous animators have inspired me to do so.

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