Danielle Inducci-ch 3 & 4-communist Manifesto

The third and fourth chapter of the Communist Manifesto was more confusing then the first two chapters. It is not something that can be read through once. You have to reread and dissect the reading to get the understanding that the writers intended. The Manifesto was written at the start of Communism. These two chapters were informing us of the different types of socialism where as the first two chapters were more detailed with more meaning behind it. Chapter 3 & 4 explained the many different types of socialism such as True Socialism, Bourgeoisie Socialism, Petty Bourgeois and a few others. It was mainly about the pros and cons of each type of socialism and how they affect one another. Chapter four is about the Utopian society that will eventually turn out from the rise of Communism. Communism spread greatly by the time the Manifesto was published. In my opinion communism sounds good on paper, but I would not want to take part in it.

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