Freud-Danielle Inducci

Freud’s ideas are discussed in every psychology class. His theory that sexual desire is the primary motivation of energy for human life is discussed in the book. No one seemed to agree with his ideas of psychology and the how the brain works, but he pushed through with his concepts. He also believed in an unconscious mind. These theories along with Freud’s character, many people were uncomfortable with the ideas of an unconscious mind and completely disregarded his ideas that in my opinion have some truth to them. Artists face the same problem with society. Many artists have ideas that the represents through works that many outsiders do not understand. When viewers don’t understand a piece of work, usually they pay no attention to it. Art can be related to Freud’s idea of the unconscious. It is similar to internal sourcing. What are mind creates in its subconscious through dreams is expressed through making artwork.

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