Jess Adamitis Reading 5 Response

There really isn’t much that I can say about this reading. Freud recounts the story “Sand-man” as a prime example for feelings of uncanny. The story is about a child who is taught to fear a figure called the Sand-man who takes the eyes of bad children. This fear perhaps is the start of his madness and delusion. He attaches the identity of the Sand-man to one of his father’s colleagues, Coppelius and to another man Coppola. Eventually he throws himself off a tower, being tormented by his own demons.

Freud then goes to analyze this fear of losing ones eyes is related to the fear of being castrated. I do not agree with this notion. Sight is such an important sense to use. It is primarily how we learn and how we interact with our surroundings, next to touch. To have sight and then to lose that and see nothing but darkness is a frightening thing. I don’t see the connection between the fear of losing your sight and the fear of being castrated.

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