Freud Reading: Dan McCafferty

The reading was very interesting and graphic at the same time. The illustrations contributed a lot to the text and helped me visualize the situations a lot better. The most interesting part of the reading was the parts where Freud argued that everyone’s dreams and related to some type of sexuality or to their past. When he was explaining it, it made sense but when I think of it and my dreams; I don’t believe it. In the beginning of the reading he says that he discovered cocaine and he began using it on patients as a therapy drug.
The reading made me think of doing my own thing and having my own ideas. Freud was judged and criticized by the church and anyone who else who heard about his theories. He also explains his ideas on ID, ego, and super-ego. I think all of his ideas about these topics make a good description on how an artist works. They can be linked to finding ones identity and producing art. Even though the majority of people disagreed with Freud he still introduced new theories and continued his work.

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  1. Without the unconscious we have no:
    Rene Magritte, Frida Kahlo, Hannah Höch---
    Freud's investigations directly altered artist's investigations...