Freud Reading-Phil Grasso

Freud has always been an interesting read to me. The style in which this reading was presented I found to be very insightful, and a little less monotonous. The variations in the pictures in relation to the text, I think enhanced this quality. He talks about our minds being a place that basically cannot be understood as one entity. that our subconscious is just as important to our reality as the one we perceive everyday. When he uses these explanations in regards to the art world it became very clear that he is not far off in this assumption. The fact that our dreams take place when we are not in a conscious state, I feel enhances the fact that our artistic nature in only increased by our subconscious. It is, in-fact, our conscious creativity which is feeding off of that.
He talks about the three levels in the human psyche which make up our being, the Id, Ego, and Super Ego. These three stages which our artistic nature is enveloped reminds me a lot of the Buddhist search for enlightenment. How each monk is required in theory (through representative diagrams) to travel through different levels of consciousness, each one bringing new forms of self understanding; until finally reaching their nirvana. Along the way each encounters different beings either from their past present or future which help guide their minds to the next level. In a way i believe that is what everybody does in some sense. Self improvement is something I try to excel at everyday, and hopefully through my continuous understanding of the purpose I hold in life, I as well, will become a better person consciously and subconsciously.

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