Freud for Beginners-Jess Castaldi

This was not my first time learning about Freud’s discoveries concerning the human mind as I studied them in a Psychology class a few years ago. I always found his ideas to be very interesting especially his stages of psychosexual development, and his Oedipus complex. His discoveries really help to understand the development of a person’s mind and why they become the way they are. It is helpful to learn of these processes to understand why we think the way we do. Any complex we might have may be caused by a trauma in our early child hood. This will also help us develop ideas for projects, using experiences in our child hood as the basis for ideas. The subjects of the Id, Ego, and Super Ego are also great starting points for ideas. You could take the same concept and portray it in the different forms of the conscious. Without Freud’s findings we would not be able to delve into our minds and dreams and use them as inspiration for our work.

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