Kevin Keane Response: Freud for Beginners

I have never read anything on Sigmund Freud in a comic book style before, it was a breath of fresh air. The images were enjoyable to look at, yet they were informative. The aesthetic of the images evoke a psychotic sense that is appropriate to represent the psychoanalysis that Freud was famous for. The Freudian theory that sexuality develops in the early stages of childhood is very interesting.
I found Freud’s model of Id, ego, and super-ego very relative to an artist. Id is instinctively in art, we are unconscious of our Id and thus it plays its role automatically. The ego is represented by all of the experiences that have occurred previously in the life of the artist. The super-ego then, if I understand correctly, must be ignored when developing artwork. If the super-ego is there to contradict our Id and ego to appease society, then for artwork to be pure it must not be affected by the super-ego.

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