Freud Uncanny: Dan McCafferty

Freud’s “The Uncanny” is a very interesting topic that I have read about before. The intellectual uncertainty whether an object is living or not. I found his theories on childhood development the most interesting. He explains that as a child we see everything as living, whether it’s a doll or a real person. In the Sand Man story Freud gives a sense of uncertainty to the character and ties it into being the mother’s colleague. To me the story itself is uncanny because it is hard to tell at first if the story is fantasy or real. The story tells of demons and other fictional creatures but it was hard to tell if it was just being told through the eyes of the child which I mentioned before believed that most inanimate objects were alive.
Overall I feel that Freud is trying to say that what we believe is real is what we see as real. Such as the child realizing that the Sand Man was actually the lawyer. Earlier the child was said to have feared the lawyer and so I think that the Sand Man is still feared even though it is represented in another form This seems to relate to art in the form that pieces can feel alive to the artist because they put so much of themselves into it.

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