Freud: Uncanny; Dennis Quinn

I am not going to say much because i do not think this reading was worth my time. There were a bunch of sentences that clicked with me, that's about it. I don't mean to sound ignorant, but Freud is nuts. Replying again to to the last reading ( because i am thinking about it now) what if you have a dream or better yet a nightmare about a vicious snake that you cannot out run that means to bring harm to you? You could interpret this dream in many ways (of course. - you can also read any horoscope sign at any point of the day or year and find a piece of yourself in it). The way my brain interprets it is that, i as a human am afraid of any other species that can bring harm to me, especially if its a fast snake with a nasty bite. I mean why would i connect that very real and possible situation with sexuality or the penis? The snake, eel, crab, and cave can all be scary things to humans without any reason for the connection with sexuality. Maybe im missing something. It scares me that the herd instinct can kick in on a conscious idea or that it can become a "new" philosophy or basis for reality. Sorry to waste your time.

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