The Whitney: Dan McCafferty

At the museum there were two pieces that really stood out and that I enjoyed the most. The first one I saw was also the biggest, it was called "New Space for Showing Videos" 1995. It was a few panels of glass that made almost a star-like shape. The glass was two way glass so some of them you could see threw while others were reflections. The idea was really interesting because when I was sitting in one room watching the video I could see my friends in a different room but I knew they were not sitting in that room, it was all illusions.
The other piece I saw was the "Opposing Mirrors and Video Monitors on Time Delay". It was exactly how it sounded and was very fascinating because of the delay. The mirrors also helped by just adding a different effect. It was fun to find out how it was working and why it was backwards as well. Overall it was a good exhibit and I like the majority of the works.

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