Nick Biewer - The Uncanny

This essay was seemed very scattered and confusing to me. However, something I did grasp from it was the relationship between a person and art. Something Freud talks about is the availability of life in art. If a piece of art is an inanimate object, can it still have life? I think the more intimate an artiest or viewer is with the art, the more real and full of life the work becomes. Freud suggests that in his story about the “The Sand-Man.” I agree that art has life when it is created. The amount of life it has depends on the amount of feelings one takes from it. If a work can convey a feeling of sadness or happiness, or any other feeling onto a person, it has to have some sort of life to it. As an artist, the challenge is being able to find a way to put life into the work you are creating, so that others convey feelings towards it.

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