Freud for Beginners: Dennis J. Quinn

This was really interesting to me because I was given a book way back that dealt with Freud followers and naysayers. It was a bit too in-depth for me to grasp. I think I should visit that book again with a better understanding of where Freud was coming from and the civil thought he was dealing with within his time. I do believe that sexuality is the basis of reproduction and 2nd in line to individual survival skills (food, water, and shelter). The idea that EVERYTHING is sexually based, kind of sucks if this is true. I do not know if there is any way to prove such a theory because dreams, day dreams and nightmares ect., can all have different meanings that I do not think stem only from sexual desires or fears. The logic that it takes to figure out ones problem is key and it may not be easy, but Freud is really onto some things that I didn’t really give thought to. I am curious to read more. I like the cartoon presentation of the information. This goes great with my learning style. I wish more books were made in the fashion. The expression on the cartoons faces can express just as much, if not more, meaning than the words needed to convey that emotion. This was a quick read, which I like even more. I thought this reading was going to take longer but most pages were filled with informative pictures.

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