The Whitney-Phil Grasso

Our trip to the Whitney Museum was really a fun time. there were a few things that caught my attention the most as being really interesting works. As I traveled from space to space looking at the different works of art I changed which one was my "favorite". the glass pieces were really interesting, they had a 'fun house' quality to them which was really fun and interactive. On the same floor there was also another piece in which two doors lead to a room on either side of a pane of glass. One side had a mirror behind it while the other had just a wall. When standing and looking through to the other side,especially when other people were in there, it created a really interesting perception of what was going on. Once your eyes adjusted it became clear, but during the in-between stage it was rather trippy.
Another one was the animation video, which I basically sat through entirely. The use of the sounds in correlation to the still images was quite effective. Some scenes made me laugh which kept me interested. i couldnt get over some of the drawings, i though they were pretty hyterical.

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