Keith Croshaw - Whitney

Our visit to the Whitney Museum was pretty stimulating. I always get my hopes up that there will be tons and tons of art, but there was only a ton of art at the Whitney. I found out for a reason why were encouraged to visit’s Dan Graham’s exhibit, since it was so stimulating. The way his pieces captivated everyone’s attention was quite amazing. Some of his pieces were simple two way mirrors which started me of thinking, ok am I in some sort of amusement park, but then things really got interesting when we walked into a constructed room with a slightly reflective window in between the room you enter and the room that someone else is in, and a mirror behind only one of the rooms. This piece created an interesting view on the other room since for some reason I didn’t even realize our room was the only one with a mirror in the back. Upon entering the second window it became clear what I had missed and then the other group entered our room and was blown away by the difference. His video piece was also very engaging; the class’s interaction with the piece was good proof of that. The “Play Pause” video by Sadie Benning was another treat. The bright colors and the simple figures attracted the kid in me but the adult subject matter towards the end instantly changed my state of mind. There was one scene where I think the narrative took us to a nightclub where the music, the art and the colors were all choreographed to the music, which was very intense.

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