The Uncanny - Eric Zimmermann

This weeks reading was a bit jumbled and confusing for me at first, but eventually I was able to connect this story and what Freud was trying to say to my art.  After reading it I understood it to be an analysis of the question we are first presented with, are animate beings alive or is a lifeless object alive?  I have to say that in relation to my own art, and anything that I am passionate about for that matter that because I put so much of myself into these works the fact that they are inanimate is lost.

 When you really immerse yourself in something whether it be art or a fantasy such as the “Sand Man” lines of what is animate and inanimate, real and fake can become blurred or even lost.  The story of the “Sand Man” was an interesting way to compare these two thoughts of animate and inanimate and really made me look and think about the idea that Freud was trying to convey, and how it related not just to my art but my life in general.  These thoughts can be compared to countless aspects of one’s life and perhaps in the future I will be more open to seeing this in part to this reading.

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