Whitney - Eric Zimmermann

Our class trip to the Whitney was actually my first out of all the times I have visited NYC and its countless museums and galleries. I do believe that aside from the MOMA it has become one of my favorites, I really liked the Dan Graham exhibit and all of the pieces presented. I found that all the pieces had me thinking about how each one was conceived and created, it really got my brain flowing more so then any other exhibit I have been to recently. I also enjoyed the video we were asked to sit in on. The combination of the images and the sounds really worked well together and effectively told many small stories, I especially liked how because there were two different screens there was a change back and forth of different images on each screen but then also combined images. It easily held my interest, and was quite possibly my favorite piece of the entire day. I also found a new artists whose work intrigued me and I have been google-ing all week (Ben Shahn). Overall I had a very good time, and believe I will be going back again, hopefully sometime soon.

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